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How emotional intelligence comes into play at work and how it affects different aspects of the workplace.

Think about your workplace, the people around you, and the situations you find yourself in. Every day, a variety of emotions are at play. Remember the last time you saw two of your co-workers arguing over a project proposal? As the situation progressed, one began to speak louder. The other did the same and soon began to yell at each other. How was that for you? Is it frustrating to see people get angry? How do you respond when you see people arguing? …

To help industry professionals we have designed an evidence based guide to hiring interviews. Free to Download

Without question, interviews are the most widely used means of selecting employees. To help industry professionals, we have designed an evidence based guide to hiring interviews. One popular misconception is that asking all applicants the same set of questions is sufficient for a structured interview. Structured interviews, on the other hand, are far more than that.

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What’s the Difference Between a Structured and Unstructured Interview?

Structured interviews are based on a job analysis. This means assessment questions are job related. Structured interviews tap in to job knowledge, job skills, applied mental skills, and job related interpersonal skills. …

Spiderman figurine made by Crafty Art

How many of you have a favourite superhero? Raise your hand or even better, leave your thoughts in the comment section. Any film character that you identify with? Name one, but don’t forget to mention a memorable line that changed your calling.

Here at The Inner View, we admire and support those who educate and inspire. For that reason we have reached out to our own superhero, a talented craftsman, to find out how his work animates, emboldens, and motivates people from all walks of life.

What is the meaning of this?

Our experience with businesses across the world taught us that no matter what type of culture you promote, as a considerate employer, you need to find creative ways to reward your best employees. Not only for good work, outstanding achievements, but also for honorary events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. …

Have you ever wondered how challenging it is to lead a group of different characters? And at the same time distinguish your presence inside your business as leadership rather than management?

Using the science of psychometric assessments in conjunction with our expertise in organisational psychology, you can capitalise on team factors that enhance productivity and lay out the cues for your team to work smarter, agile and engaged.

What Bounds a Team? But More Than That, What Makes it so Valuable for Leadership?

Cooperation and coordination are essential! OK, but let’s leave no stone unturned because an effective team has several components in place. There is a good balance of skills, abilities, interests and values. Goals and objectives are clear for every member and mutually agreed. Meetings are productive and staff communicate in a clear and concise manner; and on time.

People help each other. They…

Young professionals have expectations and a great sense of humour. Well, that’s easy to digest because we all have hidden gems working in the background. In a highly competitive global economy, it makes sense. A mild combo of factors like flexibility, creativity and collaborative problem solving is definitely highly valued.

Mondays are always entertaining
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What about a positive group atmosphere?

It is my strong belief that fostering a culture that rewards distinct initiatives becomes a prerequisite for leadership structures. Humour strikes again? …

Cosmin Gabriel Sofron

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